Hobbies and Interests.

What are your kids interested in? Do they have hobbies? Do they want to follow in your footsteps?

Whether it is painting, drawing, dancing, horseback riding or like in my niece’s case photography, (proud aunt over here), make sure you capture each moment. You can show them in twenty years how awesome they were.

The future gold medalist.

I had the privilege of photographing the future gold olympic medalist! I know she’s only 6 and gymnastics might get boring but her future looks bright! Not only does she put my monkey bar climbing to shame she’s also much stronger than I am.

What are your kids into these days? Make sure you capture them doing what they love so you can show them when they’re older.

Kids just want to have fun!

Seeing my niece playing at a park brings back memories of my own childhood.

Who didn’t like going to a park when they were a kid? I’ll admit I still swing on swings and slide down slides.

Last week I was honored to photograph my childhood friend’s children and yep the photo shoot was at a park! I had a blast and I’m sure the kids did too.


Pretty Hand Towels!

Happy Sunday!

I’m happy to announce that my flower images are now available to purchase in all forms available from Fine Art America. This includes hand towels. (lol)

You can find the link on my website under “Store” ( previously prints). Or simply visit my profile under this link: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/natalia-estko.html

My fine art prints are still available under the “ Prints” tab.

Happy Shopping,


Unique Personalities

I love photographing kids.

Kids should be allowed to express themselves during family sessions. Their personalities should be visible in each photo. I never pose kids. I never tell them what to do. I just sit and observe. I don’t care if they smile or look at the camera. I just want to capture them the way they are at that moment.

Below are some pictures I took of my niece this past weekend. I think they will be great in her wedding video 20 years from now. This is how I want to remember her. The carefree kid with a huge personality.

P.S. That last picture… is her serious face.

Korean Spice Viburnum

I’ve never paid much attention to this shrub. Didn’t think much of it while walking by it over a hundred times.

It’s possibly because I’ve never seen it in spring or fall when it’s blooming and fragrant.

Korean Spice Viburnum is native to Korea and Japan and comes from the Elderberry family.

It comes in both small and medium sizes. Ranging from three to eight feet tall.

It looks and smells amazing. I recommend it to anyone who loves fragrant flowers.

I could stand under it and photograph it all day because it smells so good!

I had a hard time picking my favorite images. I hope you will forgive me for the heavy gallery below.

Three different sessions.

One size rarely fits all.

We all want different things in life. We like different foods, colors, vacation spots. It should be no different when it comes to photography packages.

Therefore I decided to change my pricing from a “one size fits all” to multiple packages based on the needs of my clients. The three packages have different amounts of pictures and prints. As well as different duration of time.

Session A:
Sometimes we just need a quick session for a birthday card invitation and we don’t have all day to spend on pictures. This is where Session A shines. Session A is perfect when you are short on time and need pictures fast. It’s also great when you have a smaller family or only want some pictures of your kid(s). This is the fastest turnaround time session. For $250.00, session A includes*** 10-20 fully edited hi-res images delivered via an online gallery. Print orders can be placed directly from the online gallery. This session comes with a print release. Feel free to print at your favorite lab.

Session B:
Is Grandma coming to town? If you are worried Session A (1 hour) is not enough time to take pictures with the whole family don’t worry I got you covered. Session B is a one and a half (1.5) hour session. For $350.00 this session includes*** 20-40 fully edited images of Grandma with your kiddos. Online gallery with social media sharing. Two 5” x 7” and one 8” x 10” complementary photo-prints from your gallery (your choice). If you fall in love with your prints as much as I do. No worries!  you can order more from your online gallery.

Session C:
It’s Grandpa John’s birthday and you have no idea what to give him? Parents and grandparents love pictures of their children and grandchildren. Do you have a big family? That’s great! The more the merrier. Session C will cover everything you need. For $450.00 you and your brothers, sisters, children, nieces, and nephews along with grandpa John if he wants (did I forget someone?) will be photographed for two hours. This session includes*** Three 5” x 7” photo prints of your choice. Two 8” x 10” photo prints.  One 11” x 14” print of your choice. An online gallery with social media sharing is included at no extra price as well as a print release and the ability to order more prints from the gallery.

You can book a session directly on my website from the “Booking” tab. You can also message me on Facebook or text me from 10 am to 5 pm. If you don’t see the time and date you need please message me and we will work something out.

***Please note complimentary prints are per session and not per family. Additional prints from the online gallery are at extra charge. Your images are edited professionally on a color calibrated monitor. Your picture prints are printed by a professional lab on professional paper.


I consider myself to be a lucky kid whose mom had a film camera. Back in the days of film photography, the only way to enjoy pictures was to get them developed. This, in turn, provided us with picture prints that lasted for generations and those photographs are passed down to this day.

Digital photography is great. It allows parents to take quick snapshots of their children playing or being trouble makers. The only downside is most of these pictures never make it to labs.  We keep them on our phones, thumb drives, CD’s or cloud storage to hopefully one day print and hang. We believe our digital files are safe but in fact, digital files are not archival.

Please print the pictures of your kids you have on your phone in order to preserve your memories. Displaying pictures of your kids around the house is known to boost their self-esteem.


Photography sessions at home.

Having lifestyle photography sessions in the privacy of your own home means that your kids are free to be themselves in their natural environment. All of their toys are on the spot and there’s no problem with wardrobe changes in case something gets spilled. Do your children love to paint? color? play with play dough? Keeping them occupied with activities they love allows the photographer to capture their personalities as well as interests. It’s simply your children they way they are captured tastefully for future generations.


Mom's Roses

My mom loves all flowers but her favorite are roses. A couple of years ago she planted two pink rose bushes. The pink roses kept on blooming each year until one year they did not bloom at all.  Two years passed and my mom decided to dig the roses up and plant something else in their place. To our surprise tiny rose buds began to appear all over the bushes about a week later. The pink rose bushes were no more. Instead we have two very fragrant, red, climbing rose bushes and to be honest I think I like them more.